Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Don't wait! Quoted rates are only snapshots for reservations made on a particular day and may change quickly, according to availability, level of bookings and other factors. Please be considerate and cancel your booking if you change your plans. Please ensure you have functioning anti-virus software for online shopping. Also, note that our site is spyware, advertisement and virus free.
Our booking engine is protected with a 128bit industry standard security system for credit card transcations. It is highly secure, and consistent with the security used by other retailers in this industry.
We buy car rental in bulk from suppliers such as Avis, Budget, Hertz and Europcar. Because we buy so much car rental, we get it at wholesale prices. We don't have the same marketing costs as those big suppliers, so we can pass most of the savings on to you.
We work with the most reputable companies and our state-of-the-art booking system compares the rates of each vehicle group and presents you with the cheapest rate possible. A compact vehicle might be cheaper with Avis but a full size vehicle may be cheaper with Hertz. Therefore, the details of the company used for your rental will be sent to you by an email voucher, within 24 hours after making your booking.
Because we have freesale agreements with some suppliers, in many cases your booking will be confirmed as soon as you book online. Ocasionally, we need to seek confirmation direct from the supplier, which takes around 24 hours, then we send you the confirmation email and voucher. Tto make sure that your chosen vehicle will be available, we advise you to book at least 3 days in advance, especially around wekeends and holidays.
In some cases additional drivers are free of charge. To check, you need to read the conditions of your particular rental. Please obtain a quotation online and then click on the 'Rate Details' link next to the vehicle group you are interested in, and read these for further details including extra driver fees.
Print the voucher and present it at the rental desk at the time of the pick up. Please note that if you do not present the voucher at the time of pickup, you may have to pay the deposit amount again or your rental may not be honoured. Email us if you delete or lose your voucher and you will be sent a new one promptly.
Under 'airline' you should enter 'Not in the list'. If you don't know your flight number you can enter: 'TBA'. Please also send us your booking number through the 'Customer Service' section above so that we can let the car rental agent know that you are a walk in customer.
We do not issue refunds for unused rental days.
You can negotiate an extension to your rental directly with the supplier by telephone. However, please note that it is unlikely that you will be able to extend the rental at the same low, daily rate at which you initially booked the car. Check the daily cost of any extensions with the supplier and make sure you agree on a drop off time, as late drop offs usually incur an extra 24 hour rental cost.
Our booking engine won't accept bookings less then 24 hours to pick up as we need at least one business day to process bookings. However, we recommend you book at least three days before your pickup time, especially around holidays and weekends.
Check your emails carefully, including your spam emails box. Our system will automatically generate a booking number as soon as a booking is made. The system will send you an email confirming your rental details, along with the booking number. Please note that incomplete bookings (incomplete driver name, flight information, etc.) will mean we are unable to confirm your booking and all your details will be deleted. Please ensure you fill in all fields in the booking form correctly. If you filled in the booking form incorrectly and did not receive a booking number instantly, please commence a new booking.
Child Safety & Booster Seats are usually available and comply with the child restraint laws of the country in which you're renting the vehicle. You should also familiarise yourself with local child restraint laws, including ages and weights of children and which kind of restraint you should use. You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with these laws. Since child restraints and booster seats may be limited, you should specifically reserve them at the time of your booking.
No. When you book through our website, you are reserving a car from a group of equivalent vehicles, not necessarily a specific make or model. We guarantee that you will receive a car from the group you booked, or if that it not possible, you will receive a car from the next group up (ie, free upgrade.)
Our rental system is based on 24 hour blocks of time. If you pick up on Wedcnesday at 9am, but arrange to return the car on Thursday at 10am, you will be quoted and charged for 2 days rental, since your rental period exceeds 24 hours. When seeking quotes and comparing rates, keep the 24 hour clock in mind. Also remember that returning the car late will probably mean that you incur at least another 24 hours rental cost.

Do I need to any cover, insurance or excess damage waivers at the counter? You may be offered additional insurance (e.g. Personal Accident Insurance) at the time of arrival. However, these are entirely optional and at your discretion.It's a good idea to inspect the vehicle before leaving the depot. Any damage or unusual scratches should be noted on the contract before you leave. You may need to go back to the rental office to have this acknowledged in writing. Some suppliers take a very hardline policy regarding regarding pre-existing damage.

All our suppliers offer unlimited mileage. However, some remote Australian pickup locations may involve a limitation. Check rental terms and conditions for details.
Fuel policies vary among suppliers. Generally you are expected to return the vehicle full of fuel, but check conditions with staff at pick up time.
Age restrictions differ from country to country. Surcharges or restrictions may apply to drivers under 25 years old and between 70-75 years old. The main driver needs a full and valid drivers licence (not probationary) and a major credit card in the same name.
Yes, all of our rental car agencies accept only major credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and do NOT accept debit cards or cash. You will need to show a credit card as security for fuel or late fees at the time of collection.