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Bulgaria has been a member of the European country for more than 13 centuries, yet there is still a lot to be understood and appreciated by majority of the traveling population.  There are only a few people who have had the chance to go on a car rental holiday in Bulgaria, leaving it a mystery to the rest of the world.  What is enigmatic about Bulgaria is how it had suffered 500 years of Ottoman domination and yet Bulgarians still have a fiery love for their motherland.  They love their country so much that they care about what car rental tourists think of their place and would sincerely hope that their guests think as highly of Bulgaria as the locals do. 

Going around Bulgaria

Public transportation in Bulgaria is fairly reliable, with the bus being the faster mode of commute, servicing the bigger cities.  The problem with the bus is that the driver and the conductor hardly speaks and understands English so it will be helpful to learn basic Bulgarian phrases and sentences.  The train moves at a much slower pace, but backpackers use the train for overnight transit to save on lodging.  Car rental companies in Bulgaria are easy to find are relatively inexpensive.  Foreigners are actually encouraged to rent a car in Bulgaria than use their public transport system.  It will be greatly beneficial to have a copy of the Cyrillic alphabet handy for you to better understand local road signs. 

From the Airport 

Sofia Airport is the primary airport of Bulgaria and is located about 5 kilometers east of the central district of Sofia.  It services about 3 million passengers every year, with a great bulk of them coming from other European countries.  At present, only buses and taxis take passengers from the Sofia Airport to central Sofia although car rental can be arranged with the car rental companies at the Sofia Airport. 

Places to See

What most travel agencies advertise about Bulgaria is the Black Sea Coast, so much so that most tourists use Black Sea Coast to define Bulgaria.  The Black Sea Coast is, indeed, very inviting and could rival the famed beaches of Greece and Spain.  It’s been the subject of major developments in the recent years because of its great contribution to Bulgaria’s tourism.  However, it will be sad to go on a vacation in Bulgaria solely to wade in the beaches of the Black Sea Coast.  You should rent a car hire in Bulgaria and see what it can offer outside the Black Sea Coast.  In the city capital of Sofia, where you will mostly likely be staying or be hiring a car rental, you’ll see many onion-domed churches and Ottoman mosques that were built ages ago and yet, the vibe in the capital city is very young, chic and cosmopolitan.  Drive your Bulgaria rent-a-car to Koprivshtitsa and you’d get the feeling of going inside a live museum that showcases architecture, roads and churches from eras gone by. 

Nearby Countries

Bulgaria borders enforce little formality in their border operations.  In your Bulgaria car rental, you may cross the border to Romania where its natural beauty is as captivating as its rich cultural heritage. 

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Sofia Downtown

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Sofia 1592


Sofia International Airport

Arrival Hall

1 Hristofor Kolumb Blvd

Sofia 1540


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53 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd

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