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India is dynamic, unpredictable, mysterious and multi-faceted.  It’s hard to cage India in just one word to describe it.  If you even go try to rent a car in India and go around the whole country, you might be overwhelmed by the cultural and geographical diversity that characterizes India.  India has a population of more than a billion people, comprised of different ethnic background, making for a rich tapestry of culture and heritage.  Among the sights that you’ll see when you go on a car rental holiday in India are sacred temples, snow-capped mountains, desolate beaches, vivacious festivals and people, lots and lots of people. 

Going around India

India takes care of its tourists and offers tourist trains that are similar with luxury planes or 5-star hotels.  This kind of trains goes around the popular tourist routes, which may be a bane or a boon depending on which side of the traveler spectrum you come from.  Using the Indian Railways, the world’s largest network of trains, gives you a more cultural feel.  It goes around India’s picturesque landscapes and allows you to meet a few good locals who are eager to chat with their foreign visitors.  You can also hire a car rental in India to allow you more flexibility in moving about.  Driving a car hire in India can be a challenge so if you’re not brave enough, you should highly consider getting a chauffeured rental car in India. 

From the Airport

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the main airport of India’s capital city, Delhi.  It is the largest and most significant airport in South Asia, receiving a great bulk of all South Asian flights.  The city center of Delhi can be reached by taking the Delhi Airport Metro Express.  There are also taxis on site plus a great number of international car rental companies. 

Places to See

Drive your car hire to the town of Agra to see India’s most significant landmark, the Taj Mahal.  It is on everyone’s India car rental holiday itinerary because it is an astounding sight, an imposing white marble structure with intricate design and detail.  Grab the chance to see the Yamuna River, which has a sacred relevance to Krishna believers.  Ganges River is another river that holds much significance to the history and culture of India as an important symbol of hope and salvation.  You can see the Ganges River by driving your rental car to the city of Varanasi.  What most towns share in common are the myriad travel agencies, car rental companies, international restaurants and souvenir shops found in the area.  While it might be easy to dismiss them as being commercial, you’d have to drive your rent-a-car around in order to see for yourself.  Just like in the city of Leh, it has all factors that touristy towns have, but really, what bad words can you have for magnificent palace ruins set against the undulating Himalayas? 

Nearby Country

You may drive your India car rental to its border to China and continue with your Asia car rental vacation.  China has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and traces of old world civilization reverberate all over China.

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