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Tourists take pride in having the chance to discover amazing places before everybody else does.  If you belong to this kind, you should hurry and book for a car rental holiday in Latvia, Europe’s slowly-unraveling secret.  One of the biggest reasons why you should purchase plane tickets, book a Latvia car hire and travel around the country is that its capital city is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site plus it boasts of other spellbinding sights like 500-kilometer stretch of white sand beaches, medieval structures amidst baroque and art nouveau architecture and rich wildlife.  Latvia is best enjoyed slowly; don’t bother pressing heavily on your Latvia rent-a-car to get to places quick.  Like wine that must be savored to the last drop, indulge your senses in the heady concoction that is Latvia.

Going around Latvia

The most supported mode of public transportation by Latvians is the bus, so expect crowded buses around major towns and allot a leeway for waiting.  There are trains that service tourist towns like Gulbene, Aluksne and Jurmala, but there is substantial lack when traveling intercity.  Moving around Latvia in a car rental is the most excellent way of seeing the country because it gives you total command of your time and lets you drive as far as the roads can take you. 

From the Airport

The Riga International Airport, owned and operated by the government of Latvia, is the country’s primary airport, servicing flights from more than 80 destinations in 30 countries.  It is located 10 kilometers from the central area of Riga, Latvia’s capital city.  A city bus, bus route #22, shuttles passengers between the airport and the city center.  International car rental companies can be found at the Riga International Airport, big brand rental car agencies like Avis, Europcar and Hertz.  A great tip to Latvia car rental holiday tourists: book your fantastic deal Latvia car rental on our site and arrange to pick up your car at the airport. 

Places to See

A car rental holiday in Latvia is a complete waste if you don’t go around Riga, Latvia’s capital.  The Vecriga, or Old Riga, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its magnificent churches and cathedrals, most famous of which are the St. Peter’s Church and Riga’s Cathedral.  Another World Heritage Site that you should drive your Latvia car rental to is the Struve Geodetic Arc, which Latvia shares with other countries like Sweden and Russia.  The Struve Geodetic Arc is relevant in topographic marking because it helped find out the exact size and shape of the Earth.  If crumbling castles and medieval villages are your thing, then you should bring your rental car to Gauja Valley where the valley is dotted with interesting architecture, punctuated by extreme sports like bungee jumping, skiing and canoeing.  If you’re into a night of crazy rock ‘n’ roll, a few drinks and some Latvian style partying, go to the Liepaja, which has gradually been slithering its way up the list of favorite Baltic nightspots. 

Nearby Country

Latvia shares borders with Estonia, where you can go on a car rental holiday to stroll along medieval cities and hike up verdant forests.  Estonia is composed of more than 1500 islands that only a few people have had the privilege to visit. 

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