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For a sparsely populated country, Norway is blessed with too much land area, leaving locals and tourists alike with plenty of space to roam around and with a wealth of undisturbed natural beauty to take pleasure in.  Every car rental holiday tourist will have a profound time driving their car hire all over Norway because of all the splendor spread before them.  Time and age has been the country’s ally, helping Norway shape its wonderful topography of alpine mountains, fertile forests, gorgeous fjords, exotic islands and some of the world’s most wonderful waterfalls.  Because of all these, it is not hard to see why Norwegians are so proud of their country, often curious of how their foreign visitors see their beautiful island.  

Going around Norway

To put it simply, the magnanimous size of Norway makes it difficult to access by public transportation.  Norway travelers are recommended to drive their own vehicle or better yet, rent a Norway car hire when they visit for a holiday.  Driving a rental car in Norway gives you the freedom and flexibility to go as far as your mileage would allow you.  If you should insist on public commute, you should understand that the Norway rail system operates from the capital city of Oslo and connects only a few, major towns.  Buses have a wider coverage, covering most cities and national parks spread across the country.

From the Airport

Located 47 kilometers north of the capital city of Oslo is Norway’s most important airport, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen.  Oslo Airport is the country’s main international hub receiving more than 20 million passengers every year from more than 100 international destinations.  There are major international car rental agencies at the Oslo Airport such as the big players Avis, Europcar and Hertz.  It is wholly advisable to book your Norway rental car on our site and arrange to pick it up on the date of your arrival.  If you’re looking to use public transport, there are airport coaches that service travelers from the airport to the city center.

Places to See

What awaits you outside of the Oslo Airport is something you’d have to fight not to like.  As you drive your car rental from the airport to the capital city, you’ll be welcomed by a swelling woodland that is bordered by a lovely fjord.  Museums, specifically the National Museum, are a must-see.  You might also want to spend the night in Oslo and have a taste of their exciting nightlife, which is a melee of jazz, rock and superb, chilling opera.  You should make it a point to drive your car hire to Norway’s renowned World Heritage Site, Røros.  As you enter Røros, you’ll get a vibe that you are entering a life-sized museum; only you can experience it with all your senses.  The village is comprised of colorful wooden houses perched on charming fells.  Surely, you’ll want to see the most beautiful place in all of Norway and to achieve that, you would have to drive your Norway rental car to Jotunheimen National Park.  The Jotunheimen National Park is 1,151 square kilometers of glacial mountains, stunning waterfalls, virgin valleys and fine lakes. 

Nearby Country

Norway shares borders with Sweden.  You can make your Sweden car rental holiday memorable by sampling the world’s worst-smelling fish dish, surströmming.  It is Sweden’s national dish and is basically fermented herring.

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Oslo Airport Gardermoen

POB 167

Gardermoen 206 


Dronning Mauds Gate

10-11 Entrance from Munkedamsveien

Oslo 0161


Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Sigrid Undset’s Plass


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