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Oman is known for its popular tourist attractions. Wadis, deserts, beaches, and mountains are areas which make Oman unique to its neighboring GCC nations (Wadis in particular). With a coastline of 1700 km, Oman offers some of the cleanest, most stunning beaches a visitor could hope to see. Few beaches are private, except some attached to the beach resort hotels, or those adjoining military or official property.

Wadis are green, lush oases of palm trees, grasses, and flowering. Some wadis have year-round running water, with deep, cool pools in which it is quite safe to swim if the currents are slow. Falaj means a system for the distribution of water and is commonly used to describe the irrigation channel system downstream of the water's source.Some aflaaj in Oman were built more than 1,500 years ago, whilst others were built at the beginning of the 20th century. In many cases, the only water has had to be attained by drilling into the ground to a depth of dozens of meters.

Numerous forts and castles are included among Oman's cultural landmarks and, together with its towers and city walls, they have historically been used as defensive bastions or look-out points. Forts were often the seats of administrative and judicial authority. There are over 500 forts, castles and towers in Oman which has a coastline of 1,700 km, so they were needed to protect it from potential invaders. The architectural styles vary, being determined by the architects who built them or the periods in which they were built.

The traditional Arabic market place is called the souq and these are found in many of the towns throughout the country. One of the oldest preserved souqs in Oman is in Muttrah, on the Corniche. Gold and silver jewellery is found in abundance as well as numerous wooden carvings, ornaments and spices. Muttrah souq is a maze of pathways leading in and out of each other. Household goods make up the bulk of the souq, but browsing through some of the smaller shops may result in a lucky find. G Today,the Capital area has a number of shopping malls, mainly situated in Qurum, but in recent times, spreading to the Al Khuwair area, which house a variety of shops, ranging from boutiques to chain stores. The largest mall in the country is the Muscat City Centre.

Other popular tourist activities include sand skiing in the desert, scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, surfing & sailing, cave exploration, bull fighting and camel races. The Muscat Festival is usually held at the beginning of every year. During this event, traditional dances are held, temporary theme parks open, and concerts take place. Another popular event is The Khareef Festival, which is similar to Muscat Festival; however it is held in August in Salalah, Dhofar. During this latter event, mountains are packed as a result of the cool breeze weather during that period of time which rarely occurs in Muscat.

It is no surprise that only a few has been said about Oman; it was, after all, in a great degree of isolation from the rest of the modern world in the past several decades until the 1970s.  Opening the gates of Oman to foreign travel is Sultan Qaboos’ legacy to his country.  Oman car rental holiday tourists have Sultan Qaboos to thank for understanding that both the people and the other nations will benefit from Oman’s natural wonders, colorful culture, rich history and traditional and modern architecture.  Drive a car hire across the entire Oman and you’ll see what an excellent example Oman is of a well-rounded country with a government that cares genuinely for its tourism, heritage and environment.

Going around Oman

There are buses that operate regularly within and between the major cities of Oman namely Muscat, Nizwa, Salalah, Sohar and Sur.  If you want to access the more exotic towns in Oman, your better option is by car rental.  Driving an Oman rental car is great for two major reasons: 1) the cheap cost of petrol and 2) the roads are well-connected.  The terrain of Oman makes it a fantastic idea to hire a 4WD rental, especially when it rains and flash flood occurs.  Should you not want to drive a 4WD rental, you may hire a taxi, but there are things you have to understand: you have to specify if you want the taxi all to yourself or if you are open to having other passengers in the cab with you.  Shared taxis charge cheaper than private taxis, but private taxis are a lot safer.

From the Airport

There are two international airports in Oman, one in Muscat, the Muscat International Airport and the other in Salalah, the Salalah Airport.  The Muscat International Airport is the country’s main international hub and visa is easier to obtain here than in Salalah.  It is located 30 kilometers from Old Muscat and 15 kilometers from the main Muscat residential area.  The main transportation between the airport and the city center is by taxi, but it’s common for Oman car rental holiday tourists to pick up their 4WD rental at one of the car rental companies holding office at the airport.  Alternately, you may also arrange for airport transfers with your hotel.

Places to See

As you drive your Oman rental car from the airport deeper into the city of Muscat, you’ll learn what earned the capital city the title “Arabia’s Jewel”.  Muscat is divided into two areas, the Old Muscat and the Greater Muscat.  The Old Muscat is a mélange of well-preserved castles, forts, mosques and towers.  Its markets are a significant part of its heritage and are a joy to visit for traditional crafts and wares.  On the other hand, the Greater Muscat is a showcase of how Muscat has adapted to the modern era; you’ll find high-rise establishments, well-developed highways and upscale residences amidst lush parks, archeological spots, historical museums and swanky hotels.  If you’re up for the road trip of your life, drive your 4WD rental to Musandam Peninsula, about a 6-hour drive from Muscat.  The Musandam Peninsula is touted as the “Norway of the Middle East”, with its gorgeous inlets compared to Norway’s spectacular fjords.  The view here is spectacular, with towering mountains guarding the exotic beaches and the delicate marine life.  If you’re planning a sweet Oman getaway, there is an idyllic spot you can escape to, the Masirah Island.  You’ll have the beaches all to yourself, save for some logger head turtles, which are often found to welcome foreign guests.

Nearby Country

Oman shares borders with Saudi Arabia, a great car rental holiday destination for those who are after an educational archeological trip.

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