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One great thing about countries being freed from communist shackles is having a strange country to visit that not a lot of people have seen; such is the case with Slovakia, with not many people even knowing how to spell its name, much more heard of what it is about.  In a nutshell, a Slovakia car rental holiday will lead you to Bratislava (one of Europe’s few unspoiled cities), grandiose palatial homes, illustrious cathedrals, ancient castles, alpine mountains and one-of-a-kind caves.  What most people will like about Slovakia is the myriad spa towns that are spread across the country, perfect for when you are tired from a day of driving your Slovakia car hire and exploring the place.

Going around Slovakia

The most favored mode of public transportation in Slovakia is the train because of its extensive coverage.  It is only in central southern Slovakia that locals use the bus more frequently.  Vigilance is required when riding the train in Slovakia as pickpockets are a normal occurrence.  There are also unscrupulous persons who take advantage of the late hours to steal from sleeping passengers on overnight trips.  The safer transport option for tourists is by driving a car hire.  Slovakia implements an interesting law for car rental holiday tourists.  Motorists are required to purchase a road toll sticker for their entire stay (minimum of one week) and post it on the upper right corner of the rental car’s windshield. 

From the Airport

The main international airport of Slovakia is the Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport found 9 kilometers northeast of the iconic Bratislava Castle in Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava.  Several car rental agencies are found at the airport; if you’re driving a car hire to the city, you need only to go on the D1 Motorway.  If using public commute, options of transport are buses, trains and taxis. 

Places to See

In the capital city of Bratislava alone, there a lot of places you should drive your Slovakia car rental to.  What makes Bratislava really special is its resistance to keep up with the more modern European countries in the virtue of overdevelopment and tourism boom.  The Bratislava Castle is the biggest attraction not only in the city, but in all of Slovakia.  The majestic view of the Danube River from the Bratislava castle is complemented by the interesting history of the castle and the hill itself, which dates back to 2800 BC.  The street sculptures of Bratislava are also among the most photographed in the city, featuring artworks that may either tickle or offend human sensibility.  Slovakia has also earned recognition from the outlandish caves that you cannot see anywhere else such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Aggtelek and Slovak Karst.  If you can’t drive your Slovakia car hire to each of the mystical caves, make sure to visit even just the most-frequented Dobsina Ice Cave.  It is the oldest and largest ice cave in Europe, featuring an ice floor, ice columns, stalagmites and waterfalls.  Fans of Gothic architecture must drive their car hire to the Basilica of St. Egidius, built in the 15th century.  The incredible church features 11 winged Gothic altarpieces, which evoke just the right amount of thought and chills. 

Nearby Country 

It is easy to access Austria from Slovakia as these two countries share borders.  A car rental holiday to Mozart’s and Sigmund Freud’s birthplace lets you in on enchanting natural wonders like the Danube Valley, Salzkammergut’s lakes and Mostviertel’s orchards.  

Car Rental Services Directory in Slovakia 


Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport 65

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Vajnorska 160

10 Kilometers east from downtown

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Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport


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