Car Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you have not resided in the EU for more than 6 months you can lease a car. You will have to complete a statutory declaration which is provided with your lease contract attesting to the fact that you are travelling on holiday and that you will return to a non EU country at the end of your lease period/holiday.
Your wife, your children and your parents can drive the vehicle at no extra charge if they are at least 18 years old, have a valid driver's license for the countries in which they drive, and if they comply with the same tax-free regulations as you do. NB: Partners can also drive the vehicle if your relationship has been officially recognized or if they sign an official sworn statement.
You will need to have the following on you - your car leasing contract – an international driver's license – a valid passport. If you have asked someone else to collect the vehicle, make sure you give this person written authorisation.
No. Unfortunately no geographical extension to the insurance contract is possible.
If you decide to visit a country not covered by our insurance/assistance you are fully liable and must pay all expenses resulting from a breakdown or other problem
Yes, absolutely. You must simply contact the centre of your choice at least 72 hours in advance to make an appointment and to get the phone number and opening hours of the centre along with a map. Note that there maybe additional fees involved according to your return location.
Unfortunately, we cannot promise to provide a particular colour. However, Renault tries to make sure its vehicles are in the most popular colours of the day.
No. Our vehicles have all-weather tyres all year round. When driving in winter it is the responsibility of each driver to respect the legal requirements in place in each country visited. Our insurance cover remains the same regardless of whether the car is equipped with snow tyres or not. If you decide to purchase your own snow tyres you must return the car with its original all weather tyres or you will be billed for them.
There are very few borders these days. However the documents you are given when you take deliver of your car - the vehicle registration document (grey card), car insurance and Warranty booklet and your identity papers (Passport, international driver's licence) suffice to cross European borders. However, you may need to purchase a special disc to travel in certain countries eg Hungary, Czech republic etc .
Yes you can. You must contact the Head office at least 8 days prior to the end of your lease so that they can send you the paperwork to extend the insurance contract. Please note that the charge will be higher than what you paid in Australia.
No. Once you have paid us you will be given a prepaid voucher, this will cover you for your lease and there are no extra’s to pay other than toll, highway charges or fuel. There is no deposit required or credit card imprints taken at time of collection.
The vehicle will be delivered with between 10-15 litres of fuel, which in most cases is enough to get out of the city or on your way. You are not required to return the vehicle full and there are no charges in doing this.
No. The registered driver (the client that completed the forms), must collect and return the vehicle as there are forms to be completed.