Montpellier Car Leasing

Thank you very much for the arrangements ,the car was pretty good and ample and the office people in Montpellier and Barcelona were very helpful . Once again Thank you ,We will do it again Kind regards

Gareth Tarrant

Europe Car Leasing

This is the second time we have used Michael to book us a lease car. The experience was fantastic from start to finish. Michael is so organised. We told him what sort of car we were after and he came up with a range of options. The car was excellent. Pick up and drop off were seamless and much faster and infinitely more reliable than our rental car experiences at CDG. We will be calling on him again. Thanks so much Michael.

A. Craig

Car Leasing in Spain & France

Just wanted to let you know that the Renault we leased through you at udrive.com.au was great. It was perfect for our 5 week holiday in France and Spain. The whole booking process with "Udrive" was smooth and easy. Pick up, drop off and paperwork at Barcelona was all good and we had no problems at all with our brand new Renault Arkana. It was a really lovely car to drive. Thank you so much for your help arranging our car lease. I would highly recommend leasing a car rather than hiring one in Europe and I would definitely use "Udrive" in future. Thanks again for your professional and helpful service. Kind regards, Linda


Car Leasing in Toulouse

I can say that we have been very impressed by our experiences with both UDrive and their Renault Eurodrive partner in Toulouse. Michael Altan provided a very professional and efficient service for us. There was a limited time frame to order the lease vehicle and Michael did his best to accommodate us. We found the lease vehicle surpassed our expectations and we are looking forward to using UDrive again in the future. The car we leased was a Renault Captur. It was a very comfortable car with plenty of room for our family. We went for the automatic model and UDrive provided us this vehicle at a very competitive price. The staff at Renault Eurodrive in Toulouse were very competent and spoke excellent English. It only took five minutes to pick up and drop off the car. We have been very happy with the service provided by UDrive and Renault Eurodrive and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is travelling to Europe.


Paris Car Leasing

Everything went well. The car was ready even though we were early to pick up. We had not anticipated snow. It was very comfortable and very economical 4.7 lt/100k especially given that petrol was 30% dearer than Australia. The drop off was equally uneventfull and they kindly took us back to our hotel. This was the 5th lease we have done and it has always been good. What we did notice was that there were probably only 15% of cars in the TT yard obviously due to a downturn in tourists and a shortage of cars because of covid cutbacks in production. Thanks for your assistance

Barry W.

Frankfurt Car Leasing

We were very happy with the experience. For a six week trip that was based around using a vehicle to get to out of the way places it was great. The agent who looked after us at Frankfurt (Michael ?) was a pleasure to work with. The airport interchange went smoothly and his advice for the trip very useful. The car Citroen C4 was as expected. The GPS is essential, but it sometimes needs watching to make sure you don’t use too many minor roads when better alternatives are available. Also, the small engine vehicles are ok to 130km/hr but lack grunt for overtaking on minor roads and become very thirsty if you drive above say 140 on the German autobahns. One change from 15+ years ago when we last used your program is that (some) countries in Europe are using e-vignettes for authorised toll road use. Germany and Switzerland still have an annual sticker for fixing to the windscreen. Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic have all implemented the EU directed e-vignettes which requires a bit of internet savvy. I think we complied but who knows? Fortunately I had my computer and iPhone to make those purchases. (Italy still uses cash for their toll roads). The vehicle number plate is used by cameras monitoring traffic. If you haven’t paid (eg 10Euros for 10 days in Slovakia), then there is a substantial fine. Travel is very focused on smart phones and computers these days. Governments expecting you to complete “Digital Passenger Declaration”s complete with phone photos of yourself and your passport and your vaccine status are causing grief for travellers not equipped with computers and smart phones. I made 2 momentary errors re driving on the wrong side. Fortunately they were momentary and had no consequence. Just need to be aware at all times. Thanks for the service, maybe update the location of the Frankfurt depot and the contact phone numbers. Again many thanks and best regards

Murray Mc.

Germany Car Leasing

I leased a Peugeot through UDrive Car Hire in 2019, for two months from September until the end of October. The entire process was handled professionally and in excellent time. Delivery of the car in Frankfurt, and drop-off again was easy and went exactly as planned. The vehicle was brand new, and, unexpectedly, I received an 'up-grade' from the vehicle chosen, without further cost. I would recommend UDrive Car Hire to any visitor to Europe.  

N. Howard

Car Leasing in Milan

The leasing arrangement organised through Udrive, went extremely well. Booking through Udrive was easy and very quick. Michael was very quick to respond when we had questions. All the information provided was clear and the leasing and pick-up process was straight forward. We had the car for the maximum period possible and it would have been impossible to have had one for as long with a standard hire car – and much more expensive. We had a Peugeot and whilst we had no problem whatsoever with the car, we had feedback from other people we met who had also leased a Peugeot that the support provided from Peugeot when they had an accident was first class. 

Mel Gray

Calais Car Leasing

Just wanted to let you know that are now safely home in Australia. We were away 6.5 months in total! Thanks for all your help with the car, it all went to plan. The car was good, the perfect size for us. Pick and delivery were both easy and fast.

S. Bowditch

Marseille Car Leasing

This is our first lease car experience – and we were not disappointed. The booking process went smoothly, completed in Australia before leaving. We collected the Dacia Duster in Marseilles and dropped off in Lyon. The pick-­up worked seamlessly, with the staff member finalising the paperwork quickly as well as providing an overview of the car and its operations. Our 7 weeks went smoothly and was great to have a car to enjoy the countryside in France and Spain. The drop-off again went seamlessly, the staff at Lyon were ready for us, and quickly completed the hand-over, dropping us to the airport. Would totally recommend. 

Sandra and Neil Ennis