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Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is rather like an independent city-state and is the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE, developing at an unbelievable pace in the tourist and trade sectors especially.

Dubai Driving Information

There are a countless number of Rent-A-Cars that will provide a mode of transportation for very cheap rates and very little paperwork. An International Driving Permit is not necessarily required, but hire companies may not rent a car without one.

When driving on the main roads, such as Sheikh Zayed road, the junction numbers are not in logical order. Junction 13 is just after Junction 18 and are rarely as shown on the maps. Road names can also be very confusing with slight differences in spelling (due to different transliterations from Arabic) being very important. The construction work that is taking place throughout and around Dubai can make finding your destination a challenge. Temporary road layouts change with alarming regularity and temporary signs can be misleading or non existent. As GPS maps are not up to date (and usually not anyway available to rent with hire cars), you will be very well off with a printed map (you can get an excellent one in Virgin stores, for example. There is a Virgin Megastore on the top floor of City Center).

Driving during morning and afternoon peak hours is not recommended, as traffic slows to a standstill and even a simple trip across a bridge can take up to 45 minutes. There is also a scarcity of parking spaces in many parts of the city.

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11 Common Mistakes People Make While Traveling
Travel is one of our most popular past times. Technology and transport systems mean we can get from A to B in quick time and often, at a very cheap charge. However, on a few occasions, things can go wrong. Very often, the reason is a lack of planning and research. We asked our customers what mistakes they had made while traveling and here are the results.

Spending too much money

It is easy when buying food, drink, accommodation, and holiday souvenirs to lose track of exactly how much you have spent. Ideally, set yourself a daily limit rather than weekly and question whether that top-notch restaurant will really serve you better food than the fast food joint around the corner.

Caught out by adverse weather conditions

It is especially important if you book tours or hire a car to check the weather for the next week. Driving around in stormy weather is no one’s idea of fun. Also remember not all destinations are open all year round for tourism. For example, Turkey’s main tourism season is from April to October and outside of these months, the weather gets cold.

Paying too much in ATM Fees

ATM Fees can soon mount up if you are withdrawing money every day. Check with your bank about how much they charge and if needed negotiate a card with no fees.

The Credit Card Company is not aware of your travel plans

The result is your account is flagged because of unusual activity and next time you use it, the vendor is refused. Before you depart, inform your credit card company of the country you intend to travel to.

No travel insurance

Too many people skip on travel insurance and while 80% end up not needing it, you would not want to be the 20% who suffers a medical emergency. Cheap policies are available so don’t choose this moment to try and save a couple of bucks.

Lack of Research

Currently, with the vast amount of information on the internet, there is no excuse for a lack of research on your chosen destination. Compare hotel and excursion prices, review dress codes, and opening times for major attractions. Take that extra time to research before departing and it can save you hours of frustration.

Pack too much

Women are often guilty of this and the result is unavoidable excess baggage fees. Most touristic destinations also have hotels that offer laundry services so if you intend to backpack, this can mean a lighter load.

Trying to do too much

Travel slowly or you will need another holiday to get over the one you have just had. If you feel lethargic or tired, take time out to relax around the pool or at the bar. Extend your stay in a chosen destination if you feel the pace is too quick and you are unable to learn about cultures and traditions.

Not checking the terms of international cell phone agreements

Using your mobile SIM card when abroad can be very costly, even if you are the one receiving the telephone call. Research your mobile phone provider’s charges and make alternative arrangement such as buying local phone cards.

Very Happy

We recently visited friends in the UAE for 2 weeks. We rented an SUV in Dubai through Udrive. Customer service was great. Online system was easy to use. Price was cheap and car was clean and new - even got an upgrade. We drove around Dubai and throughout the Emirates with no hassle. Will use Udrive again. 

Katie Grey