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The city of Estoril has long been touted as the vacation destination of the affluent and famous.  Grandiose hotels, casinos and restaurants pamper to every traveler’s whim and caprice.  Driving your Estoril rent a car around the town is similar to cruising around a fantasy land of extreme splendor.  It is easy to conclude that Estoril is a hedonistic haven, with all the marvelous beaches, golf courses and fashionable shops.  However, as you stroll in Estoril rent a car, you will also appreciate the historical sites like the Post Office and the Santo Antonio Church. 

The months of July and August are merry as the locals hold a crafts fair the entire summer.  The rich congregate to sample on Portuguese fare, buy crafts and join the merriment of folk dances. 

Going around Estoril 

Travelers often take the train from Lisbon to Estoril as it is only a short distance between these two remarkable places.  However, in Estoril itself, public transportation is scarce.  What could you expect in a place that seems to have been made for the wealthy?  The best option for you is to rent a car hire in Estoril.  To save you some money for shopping, scout for a great deal rent a car in Estoril before you get on your plane.  

From the Airport

The town of Estoril is a 30-minute drive via car rental from the Lisbon Airport.  A shuttle can take you from the airport to the town proper, along with other tourists.  If you want to make haste, drive an Estoril car hire and make your way straight to your lavish vacation.  

Places to See

Gambling is one of Estoril’s favorite sports.  Park your Estoril car rental at Casino Estoril and rub elbows with the big spenders as you try your luck in card games or even slot machines.  Casino Estoril is the largest casino in Europe and was featured in the Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.  It features cabarets, art galleries and concerts all year round.  Nearby is the Tamariz Beach where people devote time to get a luxuriant tan. 

Drive your Estoril rent a car along the dirt road to the cliff to see the ruins of the Guincho Fort.  It was built in the 1600s and though it had crumbled to ruins, it still stands as a proud example of outstanding military architecture.  There are plenty of forts along the Estoril coast line as the port had to be guarded from insurgents and marauders.  Some of the forts are Sao Bruno de Caxias, Sao Juliao de Barra and Cadaveira Fort. 

Nearby Cities

Before you head back to the Lisbon Airport, why don’t you take your Estoril car rental for a ride around the cobblestoned roads of Lisbon.  A very short drive by car rent from Estoril is the Cascai, another town resplendent of military history.  

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