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Faro is a city in the Faro Municipality in southern Portugal. The city proper has 41,934 inhabitants and the entire municipality has 58,305. It is the seat of the district of Faro and capital of the Algarve region. The Algarve and Faro district cover the same territory.

What every Faro car rental tourist will find fascinating about the capital of Algarve is its pronounced distinction from the other places in Algarve and Portugal.  Although Faro has been blessed with modernity, much of its scenery and structures date back to the Medieval times.  Being a tourist is a lot of fun in Faro; skimming the streets in your car hire as the cafes, plazas and the beach beckon makes for a perfect postcard vacation. 

Going around in Faro

Faro airport may be accessed from different key areas of Portugal in different ways, by air, bus or train and even rent a car.  The transportation in Faro is detailed and well-diversified that it serves most commuters satisfactorily.  If you intend to travel in Faro using public transportation, exert effort to study the routes and stops of each bus or train.  Travelers are suggested to hire a great deal Faro car rental if one wishes to see the most of what Faro is all about. 

From the Airport

The Faro Airport is only 4 kilometers away from the city center and is not difficult to drive from.  There are no trains in the airport, so it is a best idea to pick up your Faro rent-a-car at the airport so as not to avoid the inconvenience of having to wait for a ride to the main areas of Faro. 

Places to See

Driving your Faro car rental to the beaches of the Ilha de Barreta is a lot like driving toward paradise; a very serene and calm feeling engulfs you as winds fight off the Portuguese heat.  Faro’s tourism does not rely heavily on its beaches, but on its magnificent architecture.  Your first contact with the gorgeous town of Faro is the moment your car rental makes its way through the Arco da Vila, the neoclassical arc that welcomes all travelers to its arms.  If you enter Faro via the Arco da Vila, you exit the other way, by having your Faro rent a car pass through Arco de Repouso, or Gate of Rest.  This is a lovely sight as it houses really ancient town walls. 

Be sure to bring your car hire to Capela dos Ossos, a chapel that was made out of the bones and skulls of more than a thousand monks to advocate recycling and to serve as a reminder to the impermanence of the worldly body. 

Nearby Cities

What surround Faro are cities that bathed in lavishness during the olden times.  If you take your car to the north of Faro, you will reach Estoi, which boasts of the roman ruins of Milreu, a very resplendent 3rd century home in Portugal.  The areas of Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo are accessible by car hire, if you wish to spoil yourself in big, classy hotels. 

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