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There is something fresh and vibrant about Finland and its people’s disposition.  While most people complain of the summer heat, the Finns use it as an excuse to go out on a refreshing lake excursion or to hold colorful festivals.  While most people curl in bed during the winter, the Finns warm up by indulging in sports like skiing and snowboarding.  While some are too anxious for globalization, the Finns put premium on their traditions.  While some cower from modernization, the Finns use it to advance the structures of their cosmopolitan cities.  Go ahead and book a car rental holiday in Finland and see how the Finns turn sour lemons into quenching lemonades. 

Going around Finland

Finland is one of the few countries where it is more expensive to ride the bus than the train.  This is because the bus reaches more destinations than the train does and is faster, too.  The buses also offer discounts to foreign students, which are perfect for a great bulk of European and Australian backpackers.  Locals generally use the bus, so it is not unlikely to be competing for seats.  If you want a hassle-free vacation in Finland, a great value Finland car rental is recommended.  Renting a car hire in Finland may cost higher than using public transportation, but you can great deals if you rent a car hire for a long time and if you book in advance.  You also get great savings if you are traveling in a group since you can split the tab amongst yourselves. 

From the Airport

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, near the capital city of Helsinki, is Finland’s premiere airport.  It is 19 kilometers away from the central area of Helsinki.  There is a bus at the airport to take you to Helsinki; the trip could take around 35 minutes.  There are also bus services that connect the airport to other key cities in Finland.  If you don’t want to use public transportation, you may choose among a number of car rental agencies at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.  You may also book your Finland car rental online, which is more convenient and could even score you better Finland car hire deals. 

Places to See

The country’s capital, Helsinki, must be your first Finland car rental holiday destination.  Water seems to comprise half of the city, and the town takes full advantage of that.  The harbor is an essential part of the Helsinki lifestyle, where locals and tourists enjoy a gorgeous view of the coast, complemented by handsome ferries.  Helsinki is also the best place to try excellent Finn cuisine, dishes such as Baltic herring, gravlax (salted raw salmon) and loop sausage.  Finland is composed of over 20,000 islands and 6,500 of those make up the Aland Archipelago.  Make sure to drive your Finland car rental around a couple islands as these are some of the world’s loveliest islands.  The coast is gorgeous, the 12th century churches are marvelous and crayfish buffets satiate your “seafood craving just because I’m on the coast”.  Rauma is another town you should bring your rental car to as its modern-yet-old-world charm has earned its title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  If you are a big fan of Christmas and that big old guy in a red suit, drive your rent-a-car to Rovaniemi where “the real Santa Claus” resides.

Nearby Countries

Finland shares borders with Sweden so you can easily maneuver your Finland car hire to feast on Sweden’s celebrated meatballs. 

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