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Lithuania, after successfully battling with the Soviet Union for its autonomy, has regained its glory and has become more glorious than ever.  Nothing can stand in the way of its progress, so it seems, from being Europe’s best kept secret, it has now become a popular car rental holiday destination.  This is one country where religions, or even the lack of it, cohabitate in harmony and mutual respect.  In fact, the religion-inspired architecture paint a very colorful and charming picture set amidst fertile forests, sparkling lakes and vast sand dunes.  Lithuanians are also a respectful people, especially to women guests; take pleasure in the chivalry that is rendered to the fairer sex such as footing the bill, holding the doors and even carrying your luggage.    

Going around Lithuania

Buses operate all over Lithuania and service both large and small towns.  If you come from a fast-paced country, your patience might be tested by Lithuania buses as they move in a much slower pace and always stop at every bus stop to accommodate loading and unloading passengers.  Traveling at a faster pace is possible if you book a Lithuania car hire where you can drive at a speed that you’re comfortable with; just be sure to respect Lithuania road laws.  There are also trains that connect the major cities of Lithuania; these trains have sleeping bunks because most routes require overnight trips. 

From the Airport

The Vilnius International Airport is the main airport of Lithuania, handling more than 2 million passengers annually.  It is found 5.9 kilometers south of the capital city of Vilnius.  There is a train that transports passengers directly from the Vilnius Airport Railway Station to the central town station; travel time takes 7 minutes.  There are also buses that connect the airport to Vilnius and Seskine.  Other options for travel are taxis and car rental.  A great number of car rental companies can be found at the Vilnius International Airport.

Places to See

One of the most interesting and unique places that you’ll see in Lithuania (or even anywhere else in the world) is the Hill of Crosses, where crosses have been erected to signify the silent strength of Catholicism in the face of adversity.  It endured and resisted Soviet Union’s attempts to demolish it and in 1993, Pope John Paul II declared the Hill of Crosses as a place for hope, peace, love and sacrifice.  If your faith has started to waver, drive your Lithuania car hire to the Hill of Crosses and you’ll feel a profound sense of enlightenment and renewal.  Another fascinating place to see is the Curonian Spit, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.  The spit is a dramatic display of the world’s most remarkable sand dunes where species of elk, deer and birds coexist.  A delightful experience to mark your car rental vacation in Lithuania is to drive your rental car to the Auskstatija National Park, rent a boat and cruise the lake that is set in a mystical forest.  Pick berries and catch fish for dinner and when you’re satiated, sleep on a lovely wooden house. 

Nearby Country 

Lithuania’s neighbor to the west is Russia, home to the luxurious red caviar and the quaint matryoshka dolls.  Rent a car in Russia and admire its humongous capital city, Moscow.  Moscow, on its own, offers more wonderful landmarks than other small countries. 

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