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Prepare yourself for a sensory overload when planning to go on a Morocco car rental vacation.  There is much to catch the eye of even the most focused traveler – a fusion of African and Islam colors, the breezy Atlantic coastline, the majestic imperial structures spread across Marrakesh, the gorgeous Casablanca and fertile valleys to name a few.  The best time to drive a car hire around Morocco is during spring or autumn, when the colors come alive and more pronounced.  Intrepid travelers may also wish to visit during the winter when the beautiful High Atlas is capped with snow, making it perfect for skiing and snowboarding. 

Going around Morocco

Each mode of transportation in Morocco has its strong points; with the train being fast and comfortable and the buses covering a wide area.  The strong point of one is the weak point of the other; the train has limited coverage while the bus operates on a rather unpredictable timetable.  There are two types of taxis that operate around Morocco; the petit taxi for moving within the city and the grand taxi (shared taxi) for crossing towns.  The roads of Morocco are also ideal for driving a car rental as they are well-paved.  One tip: when exploring the remote towns of Morocco, make sure to fill your rent-a-car with fuel and even bring an extra gallon as gasoline stations are scarce outside the main cities. 

From the Airport

Morocco has three main airports – Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir – but the busiest among the three is the one in Casablanca, the Mohammed V International Airport, named after the revered sultan of Morocco, Mohammed V.  It is situated about 25 kilometers from downtown Casablanca.  There is a train that operates from the airport to the town center on hourly departures.  Buses run by CTM also shuttle tourists to the main district of Casablanca.  There are big name car rental companies like Avis, Europcar and Hertz at the airport and if you’re aiming for convenience, arrange to pick up your Morocco rental car when you arrive. 

Places to See

Oh, the wealth of majestic places you can drive your Morocco rent-a-car!  Fly to Morocco with an open mind and raw senses; it is the only way you won’t get overwhelmed by the cornucopia of its offerings.  Drive around one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Marrakesh, and allow yourself to get lost in the midst of its color, noise and liveliness.  The markets of Marrakesh, commonly called souqs, are filled with stuff that makeup fantasy movies – potions for love and luck, snake charmers and belly dancers.  Drive around the town of Meknes in your car rental or hire a horse-drawn carriage as your jaws drop at the splendid imperial architecture.  It is splendor everywhere you set your sight in Meknes as it once served as the capital city of Morocco.  Drive your Morocco car hire around Casa Blanca and see for yourself its enchanting qualities, fitted to be made into a blockbuster hit.  The place is cosmopolitan yet cultural, forward yet old world.

Nearby Country

Crossing the borders of Morocco will lead you to Mauritania.  The best reason to get you to rent a Mauritania car hire and drive across the country is the marriage of the raging coast with the Saharan dunes and sandwiched in between are canyons, plateaus and oases. 

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