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Birmingham Car HireBirmingham Information

Birmingham, in the West Midlands, is Britain's second largest city (by local authority district). Known in the Victorian era, as the "City of a 1000 Trades" and the "Workshop of the World", Brum as locals call the city, is enjoying a 21st century resurgence as a great shopping and cultural destination.

Birmingham's city centre is partially pedestrianised and has several unintuitive one-way systems. A car is a viable way of getting around the city and other areas, but a good map or sat-nav is essential.

Birmingham City Council produces a map of city centre car parks (available from tourist information offices). Expect to pay £1-£1.50 per hour in Pay & Display areas and more on street meters. Parking attendants patrol popular areas regularly, so expect a fine if you return late or a clamp if you're parked illegally.

Car hire is possible both in the city centre and at the airport.

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Birmingham Car Hire

Our car rental from the airport turned out to be from National rent a car. Shuttle picked us up within ten minutes and the car Nissan Versa. Adequate base model with no frills. Drop off was also fast and easy. I am happy to recommend Udrive to others, value for money was also great. R. Musco, VIC

R. Musco